Changes to points system coming in November 2019

As of 16th November 2019, there will be changes in the Points Systems for ALL Skilled Visa Categories. 10 points when your Partner has a positive skills assessment (currently 5 points); 5 points for having a Partner with Competent English* 10 points for NOT having a Partner (i.e. applying on your own); 10 points for having a Partner who is an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident; and 15 points for the Provisional Regional State or Territory Government or Family Sponsored Visa (currently 10 points) *Applicants with a Passport from the UK, NZ, Ireland, USA or Canada are considered as Competent. Other passport holders will need to sit a recognised test. Please note: You cannot claim 10 points for your Partner skills assessment AND 5 for them having Competent English – it will be one or the other.