Changes to points system coming in November 2019

As of 16th November 2019, there will be changes in the Points Systems for ALL Skilled Visa Categories. 10 points when your Partner has a positive skills assessment (currently 5 points); 5 points for having a Partner with Competent English* 10 points for NOT having a Partner (i.e. applying on your own); 10 points for having a Partner who is an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident; and 15 points for the Provisional Regional State or Territory Government or Family Sponsored Visa (currently 10 points) *Applicants with a Passport from the UK, NZ, Ireland, USA or Canada are considered as Competent. Other passport holders will need to sit a recognised test. Please note: You cannot claim 10 points for your Partner skills assessment AND 5 for them having Competent English – it will be one or the other.

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Vetassess Trades revises apprenticeship training rules

Until recently, Vetassess required a minimum of four years’ full time employment in the trade, ‘which can include time spent in training’.

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Vetassess Policy Update

From this month, Vetassess have revised their skills assessment policy for Trade and General occupations.

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Australian Migration Seminar Sat 9th September

Join us at this great migration seminar hosted by the Down Under Centre in London, where you can speak to an experienced Migration Agent and industry employers!

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Ian Harrop Migration Seminar at the Down Under Centre London this Saturday!

Moving to Australia?

This April 2017, The Down Under Centre London will be hosting an event with Ian Harrop and Associates for those who are looking to migrate to Australia. Join this seminar and meet with migration experts who can assist with your migration journey!

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Vetassess announces new advisory service

Australian Skills assessment authority Vetassess is creating a new advisory service to assist with skills submissions. The new service, which will be launch later this month, aims to clarify requirements for skills assessments prior to submission.

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Australian Priority 5 applications to be closed

DIBP has announced that all outstanding Priority 5 applications will be closed after the end of this financial year. Thousands of applicants have been left in limbo for several years due to the long delay in Priority 5 processing. The announcement will now bring this period of uncertainty to an end. It likely that all affected applicants will have their visa fees refunded.

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Australia releases updated Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

Australia has released its new Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

There have been no major changes this time. Known changes are as follows:

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IT and Accountant occupations – current status

The quota of invitations for ICT Business and Systems Analysts has been reached and no further invitations to apply will be issued for these occupations under the sub class 189 Independent and subclass 489 Regional visas until the next financial year which begins on 1st July 2015.

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Demand increases for Nurses and Allied Health Workers in Australia

Recruitment companies in Australia are forecasting an increased demand in nurses and allied health professionals. New hospitals are opening up in all regions and nurses with specialist skills in mental health, theatre and palliative care are in demand, as well as midwives, physiotherapists and dieticians. Demand is highest in regional and remote areas and particularly in Northern Territories.
If you are a nurse or allied health professional and would like to apply, contact us, or fill in our free assessment form. If you have a Diploma in nursing, it’s advisable to upgrade this to a Degree and it’s cheaper to do this in the UK. Conversion rates from Diploma to Degree in Australia are around $15,000 Australian. For more advice, please contact us.

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